This blog grew out of a tumblr blog I got a few years ago to ramble about intuition and informal reasoning in mathematics, a subject where I was rapidly exhausting the patience of everyone I knew in real life and needed a new outlet for. Eventually I got sick of tumblr’s endlessly refreshing wall of distracting content, so I moved over here to do it instead.

I started writing under the name ‘drossbucket’, which seemed like a good handle for the kind of low-effort experimental bullshit I was writing at the time, but now my quality standards have got somewhat higher I’ve started merging this back into my real-life identity. So… my name’s Lucy Keer, I did my PhD on gravitational waves in Southampton, and now I live in Bristol and work as a programmer while still thinking about physics a lot. I’m also on Twitter as @drossbucket, and am in the early stages of getting a more physics-focussed website together.

The image in the title bar comes from Seymour Papert’s Teaching Children To Be Mathematicians Versus Teaching About Mathematics.